About Me

Hey There! I’m Alexandra!

I am the blogger behind EyeLoveKnots, a crochet, knit & needlepoint yarn blog, and On Rockwood Lane, a DIY & lifestyle blog.

In 2020, I decided to niche down EyeLoveKnots from being an “everything but the kitchen sink” blog to just yarn related crafts, and create On Rockwood Lane for everything else. I had no idea at that time that this third blog was in my future.

An opportunity arose to purchase this Tunisian Crochet Patterns domain, and I jumped on it. I had some moments of panic at first after buying it – How am I going to manage 3 blogs? How long is it going to take to earn an income from this new site, especially when I am still trying to build up my On Rockwood Lane site? Can I really niche down so far as to only share tunisian crochet patterns, especially when I’ve never done tunisian crochet before?

You read that right! I had never even tried tunisian crochet before when I purchased this domain, but knowing how popular it was, and how great of an opportunity this was, I decided to just roll with it. I went out to Michaels, used my coupon to buy an interchangeable set of tunisian crochet hooks, and set out practicing – and now I’m hooked! I should have tried it years ago!!

My favorite thing is decorating my home for the different seasons, and holidays, so you will see a lot of home decor projects here, but I will also be sharing garments, accessories and tutorials as well.

When I’m not crocheting and blogging, I enjoy trying out new recipes, thrifting, cuddling with my two cats and making earrings, but in all seriousness, I will most likely be sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee while crocheting and watching Netflix (The Home Edit, NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Great British Baking Show and Nailed It are some of my binge worthy favorites).